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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Sa continue povestea minunata urmatorii:

Lorelei , Iooo, River , iar cei care mai doresc sub forme de comment, caci as aprecia alte “vise…. cu talc”. I-as insira si pe acestia, dar sunt mult prea discreta ca sa fac asta 😛



Am primit inca o leapsa: “Care a e cea mai nepotrivita persoana cu care am visat ca fac… aaa… ca ma pup?” Ar putea fi interesant…

27_01_2009_0746585001233081325_honer_akrawiAcum nu stiu daca si in real life chiar e. Chestia interesanta nu e ca nu m-as gandi la persoane nepotrivite (ca doar proiectia e parte din mine, ce naiba!), insa am tendinta de-a fi si realista pe deasupra. Daca stiu ca nu se poate, apoi nu se poate si mai bine nu imi ocup mintea cu asta.

Dar desigur ca nu e asa simplu! Cea mai nepotrivita persoana imi trece prin fata si desi este atat de statica si de inchisa aceasta proiectie, nu pot sa nu simt fiorul in interiorul picioarelor de cate ori imi trece prin fata. Sau prin spate. Sau cand  sta in dreapta mea. Sau cand ma fixeaza cu privirea.
In general nu visez amanunte. Nu visez detalii. Insa visez cu ochii deschisi la persoana nepotrivita din fata mea, si aflata de fata, senzatii. Visez tremuraturi. Visez nu sexul in sine, ci visez intimitatea.
Si nu, in general nu visez cu persoana cu care ma “desfasor” la momentul respectiv, ca n-ar mai avea farmec de vis si nici de proiectie. Cu persoana cu care ma desfasor , de obicei si fac. De toate.

Oricum mereu visez la ceva ce nu am si as vrea foarte mult sa am.

In concluzie, nepalpitant decat pentru mine. Fiindca numai mie imi da tremuraturile si numai mie mi se face pielea rozie cand ma intimideaza. Si numai eu pot sa ma gandesc la prostii cand imi saruta mana la plecare.

Photo by Honer Akrawi , by courtesy of him .


PS: Tocmai am primit primii ghiocei din primavara asta 🙂 (si da, stiu ca e ianuarie!!!!)

Am primit si eu leapsa: Ce as face daca nu mi-ar fi frica? Prima intrebare este: frica de ce? De lifturi, de cutremure? De singuratate? De mine? De ceilalti?


As pleca departe unde sa nu ma cunoasca nimeni pentru un timp mai indelungat. M-as reindragosti de el. Poate nu m-as mai simti vinovata  si m-as indragosti de celalalt. As avea puterea sa spun nu celuilalt si sa ma las plecata in lume.
As deveni femeia pe care am visat-o si am scris-o.
As face un pact cu diavolul sau cu orice putere  miraculoasa.

But then again, de ce sa nu-mi fie frica? Mai bine sa-mi fie si sa ma indragostesc din cauza asta in fiecare zi, sa ma dez-indragostesc si sa ma plictisesc in fiecare saptamana. Sa ma simt anxioasa si sa sa-mi fie frica de asta, rezolvand toata problema cu un minunat soufle de conopida.
De ce sa nu-mi frica si sa ascult muzica care imi place cu interiorul coapselor?
De ce sa nu-mi fie frica si din cauza asta sa  ma simt singura si atunci sa il astept si  simt pe celalalt cu fiecare celula cand ma atinge. De ce sa nu-mi fie frica si sa cred in fiecare saptamana ca sunt indragostita de el? E minunat sentimentul.

Sunt o persoana total pro-frici!

Photo by Richard Warren



Am dat in cercetarile mele “netuistice” de aceasta lista cu lucruri pe care o femeie ar trebui sa le faca in viata. Minunat!

  1. Date a younger man.
  2. Date a woman.
  3. Quit your successful job in advertising and go to Peru for three months.
  4. Shave your head (preferably do this as a teenager)
  5. Cook a full dinner for 8 people
  6. Make love in a car.
  7. Take a trip around Europe.
  8. Stop being nice to your happily married ex-boyfriends.
  9. Do not sleep with married men, no matter how drunk you are.
  10. Do not sleep with more than one man at the same time, no matter how drunk you are.
  11. Take an important decision on the spot (like moving to a city you like).
  12. Tell a man you love him and want to spend the rest of your life with him, even if you know you’re not going to last more than a year.
  13. Learn a foreign language you’ve always wanted to learn.
  14. When you’re older and richer, travel round the world.
  15. Ride a motorbike.
  16. Live in Ferentari once.
  17. Tell your mother that you are grateful for the way you were raised.
  18. Adopt a child, if you can afford it.
  19. Have more children than you ever dreamed you would have.
  20. Change your money job for a dream job.
  21. Eat snails.
  22. Touch a spider and a snake.
  23. Get a dog.
  24. Don’t get a dog if you can’t give him a happy life.
  25. Write a book.
  26. Don’t publish it if it’s not good enough.
  27. Learn to cook your mother’s most complicated cake.
  28. Knit a sweater.
  29. Get into a fight.
  30. Date an artist.
  31. Date a bank manager.
  32. Have sex in a forest. With the bank manager.
  33. Swim in the nude.
  34. Buy outrageously expensive eye cream and don’t feel sorry about it.
  35. Become vegetarian.
  36. Go to church and pray on your knees.
  37. Go to a football game with your boyfriend a shout louder than him.
  38. Dye your hair red.
  39. Date a celebrity.
  40. Go out of the house wearing a wig that’s obviously a wig.
  41. Have sex in a night train’s toilet, while people are knocking on the door.
  42. Ask a total stranger to give you money.
  43. Get married.
  44. Learn to tango and salsa.
  45. Pole-dance for someone.
  46. Act in an amateurs’ play.
  47. Date a foreigner.
  48. Don’t have a one night stand.
  49. Do drugs. Not too many, though.
  50. Don’t date a drug-dealer.
  51. Date an Irish guy.
  52. Live in a tent for at least two weeks.
  53. Go to a music festival and act like it.
  54. Prove to someone that you’re proud of your hometown.
  55. Paint something and hang it in your living room.
  56. Read Faust.
  57. Take it like a man.
  58. Don’t get married.
  59. Read your favorite childhood book.
  60. Confess your deepest secret to your best friend.
  61. Don’t fart in public.
  62. Call a person you’ve wronged a few years ago and apologize.
  63. Dance ridiculously, just as you feel.
  64. Drive an 80.000 euros car.
  65. Go on a holiday alone.
  66. Don’t wear see-through tops.
  67. Help make history in your field. Or literally.
  68. Play badminton indoors.
  69. Go out at 3 a.m. to play tennis in the park.
  70. Strip to your bra and dance in the principal’s office. If you’re still in high school.
  71. Visit Bratislava.
  72. Don’t put your make-up on while on the subway.
  73. Invent something useful.
  74. Act like you’re the prettiest girl in the room.
  75. Go to a Paris restaurant and order in French.
  76. Go to a Tokyo restaurant and order in Japanese.
  77. Live in Africa for a few months. Be careful not to marry anyone.
  78. Visit places you haven’t seen since you were a child.
  79. Don’t pretend to be in love when you’re actually not.
  80. Say something painful and true to someone’s face, if it helps them.
  81. Never let more than three months pass without doing something good, something pleasant and something new.

Some le-am facut, altele nu; oricum putine parerea mea. 🙂 Mai am timp!

Courtesy of Writer of Fictions

Photo by Ruven Afanador

Thank You!